DIY Fashion Ideas to Style Up Your Look

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Fashion ideas are everywhere and it never seem to be lacking if you are creative and with the vast information available over the internet, you too won’t run out of inspirations. There are a lot of others out there who are willing to share their fashion ideas for free online. Like this article, we have great fashion ideas that you can easily do.

Designer Sneakers
There are so many sneakers out there that have price tags over $500 but we can easily recreate them with affordable materials. They are not going to look exactly the same but it will look a bit similar to it and the style that you want will be achieved.

Today, we will re-create the Lanvin sneaker that has a preppy-ballerina look design.

2 Yards of grosgrain ribbon in any color of your choice (You can buy them at a nearby store)

Grab your favorite sneakers and replace your shoelaces with these ribbons.

That’s it and you’re done!
Just a quick tip- In order to lace up the sneaker with ease, roll a piece of tape around the ends and then remove after.

Fresh Ways to Wear Your Scarf
When the leaves start to change color and they start falling then you’d know what season it is. Sometimes in the breeze you will need to keep yourself warm and wearing a scarf will do the trick.

The Ribbon
Perfect when worn beneath a coat or jacketScience Articles, wearing your scarf as a ribbon is also great since it reveals your feminine side and has that soft look. Try it out next time when you go out.

The flower
You can start by letting two ends hang in front of you and take one end over the other. You need the twist the two ends together until they become twisted and turn into a small bundle of flower next to your neck. You just have to slip the end of it at the base of the scarf and it will hold.
Scarves to be used here are the thin ones and it’s wonderful during spring!

Having fashion ideas of your own are great so don’t be afraid to try different things. You don’t have to buy new things if you could edit an old one that you have and reuse it once again. An item has several ways to be used to don’t forget to experiment.