Rocking It in Boho Fashion

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Chances are, you’re either into boho fashion that became the “it” style in 2005 or you’re sick of wearing anything donned by a then 18-year old Olsen twin. The good news is you will love what the current trend of boho fashion lines has to offer. Fashionistas who are crazy of the look that made Sienna Miller a style icon will definitely love the creative details that are hot with the new boho fashion line this fall season. The over-the-top detailed designs might not make others comfortable with all the heavy jewelry, metal designed belts and footwear, and flowy gossamer skirts, but this new line of boho fashion clothes offers a different approach to rich detail that can make you feel more of being pulled together than a gypsy.

Bold accessories will constantly be a staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Belts, boots have a strong staying power along with other accessories such as necklaces, oversized and drop earrings, and long chains. Stones, feathers, and shells that have adorned the outfits of this spring and summer’s hottest fashion forward individuals will be replaced by rhinestone-adorned chandelier earrings and delicate drops that may have long been staying on the shelves. Long necklaces matched with overstated earrings will transform from a heavy, multi-layered, multi-encrusted piece to a much simpler, stylish, one strand piece. While the length and materials used are still the same with gold being the winner, the details will shift to fall and winter designs.

Rich fabrics like brocade and lace are hot additions to the fall and winter boho fashion lines. Black, gray, and purple are the most popular colors of trendy stunning dresses, frilly tops, and tweed pants that you will see lining the store racks and filling up closet spaces in the coming months. The feminine and flowy look will still be hot, but it can now be achieved with blouson skirts and culottes instead of sheer, maxi pieces. If you’re looking for more regal fabrics such as lace, tweed, and velvet for boho fashion pieces that can make you look like more in your thirties than twenties, you can still look boho chic by matching trendy new pieces with your favorite boho belts and jewelry. And if you want to have the ability to shift from fun and flirty to edgy and serious, try mixing fabrics to get that eclectic style. Remember, there are no rules to follow in mixing tweed, velvet, brocade, and lace this fall season. Have fun incorporating different boho styles with new and trendy fashion pieces to suit your personal taste this fall and winter.