Why would you buy expensive watch

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Which is your favorite watch? Whenever this question comes to our mind, we begin thinking that the costly watches are far better than the other. To much extent, it is true that the most expensive watches in the world are the ones that come with well-versed features and top-notch specifications. Let us see which of them the best are.

Whats your favorite watch

1. Vacheron Tour de l’Ile – $1,250,000

Vacheron is one of the most ancient and top watch manufacturers of the world. it has been around since 1755. With as old as 250+ years, this company has brought you a lot of costly and fantastic watches. The Tour de l’Ile has tourbillon, costing high. It has come with two faces, and more than enough complications. The watch is worth to try if you can afford to buy it.

2. AP Royal Oak Grande Complication – $560,000

Audemars Piquet (shortly AP) has gained much repute. It is known as the royal watch. The AP Royal Oak Grande Complication not only costs high but also comes with a perpetual calendar that gives you accurate information about date and time. The watch, moreover, has multiple complications such as minute repeaters, split seconds chronograph, aforementioned perpetual calendar, and more.

3, Richard Mille Tourbillon – $525,000

If you take a look at this watch you would know why it is so expensive. It is like a rare jewel, looks exactly like a ruby. It comes with modern elements, the design si very unique. It is made of aluminum, titanium, and is great from all aspects.

4. Ulysse Nardin Triplejack Minute Repeater – $340,000

It can make you crazy. The watch is expensive and comes with lots of complications as well as three jacks. It even has the hammering for separating the quarters from the minutes. The design and color both are superb which is why the watch is worth to buy.

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